Urban Crush (Soon to come)

100% natural snacks and smoothies

Rip open something new!

Say hello to the tastiest lifestyle brand in the city. Exciting products to enjoy anytime, anywhere: fruity raw bars, crunchy nut bars and crispy flapjacks. Just rip open, bite in and feel good. Because at Urban Crush, we have a 100% crush on natural ingredients. The same goes for Urban Crush smoothie powder, made from 100% pure fruit – nothing but fruit! We’re bringing Crush to the city, with creative minds from the start-up scene and Crush experts from the Krüger Group


  • 100 % all real
  • No added sugar, no artificial additives or flavours
  • The tastiest crush in the city
  • Healthy enjoyment for adventure-seekers
  • Vegetarian
  • The best raw materials, the best care in production

Product range breakdown

Urban Crush – delicious smoothies and natural bars made of 100% natural ingredients, carefully processed and combined to create tasty drinks and snacks.

Urban Crush Smoothies

Here’s the first smoothie that fits in your pocket. Urban Crush Smoothies combine delicious, top-quality freeze-dried fruit to create tasty smoothie powders. But that’s not all – thanks to our particularly gentle drying process, vitamins and nutrients are retained and the fruit powder will last for 15 months. Just add water, shake and enjoy – in the office, in the park, in the Himalayas. It doesn’t get much smoother than this!

Urban Crush Natural Bars

Totally natural is now totally easy. Because from totally natural ingredients, we conjure up convenient bars and flapjacks to take anywhere. No added sugars, no artificial additives. And tasty? Naturally!

Got a Crush on Urban Crush?

We don’t compromise – what you see is what you get. Each Urban Crush product contains only the best natural ingredients: fruit, vegetables, nuts, cereals and superfoods – 100% all real! Urban Crush meets the needs of young, discerning customers who are always on the go and still want to keep their food simple but healthy. Our snacks fit in every pocket, in every drawer, in every adventure. Urban Crush is the perfect solution if you like to rip open, bite in and feel good.