your honest partner from HNC for performance, shaping and healthy living

MaxiNutrition helps you achieve your personal goals – because MaxiNutrition means real support. And everything else about us is real too – such as our products, because they contain no artificial ingredients. They’re real because they are characterised by high-quality scientific formulas; real because we use only natural flavours; and real because we are strict in our selection of raw materials. In addition, most of our products are made in Germany.

  • Top raw materials and quality
  • All natural flavour, no colourants or palm oil
  • Scientific formulas
  • All protein products enriched with vitamin B6
  • All products tested by the Cologne List® (For complete transparency, we submit to voluntary self-testing with the Cologne List®.)

Product range breakdown

MaxiNutrition stands for effective fitness food products ideal for targeted muscle gain and maintenance, as well as shaping goals. In addition, MaxiNutrition offers high-protein foods to support a balanced diet in the healthy living sector.

Effective supplements with premium protein – ideal for performance-oriented athletes

  • Whey protein isolates (WPIs)
  • Protein energy bars
  • Isotonic beverage powder
  • Hydration tabs
  • Energy sticks

High-protein food with no added sugar – ideal for keeping in shape and leading a fit lifestyle

  • Bodyfit 3K-Protein Shake
  • “All I need” meal replacement shake
  • Bodyfit protein bar

Protein products for everyday use – ideal for a high-protein diet

  • Protein porridge
  • Baking protein
  • Protein smoothie-type fruit drink
  • Protein spread
  • Soy protein shake
  • Protein bars
  • Protein Coffee Plus
  • Vitamin D3 & K2 + effervescent magnesium tablets

Fitness food for training and healthy living

If you are serious about fitness and diet, MaxiNutrition supports you with:

  • Sport and fitness performance
  • Targeted body training and body shaping
  • Mindful eating and healthy living

Achieve your fitness goals

By using perfectly matched nutrients, MaxiNutrition effectively helps you achieve your personal sports goals. If you want to follow a healthy diet, MaxiNutrition supports you with a versatile range of high-quality fitness food products that are easy to use, effective in their results and excellent in taste. MaxiNutrition helps you:

  • build and define your muscles
  • shape your body and control your weight
  • support your healthy lifestyle with the best supplements