our top brand for fitness supplements in the UK

Maximuscle is HNC’s premium sports nutrition brand, aimed towards performance-oriented consumers who push themselves to their max. As the leading sports nutrition brand in the UK for many years, we have been supporting British athletes, fitness and healthy lifestyles for over two decades. Since 1995, we've helped millions of people push harder, go faster and further. Break limits and personal bests. Build confidence and realise dreams. In line with our HNC corporate philosophy, Maximuscle product ranges are characterised by high-quality raw materials, first-class production and proven scientific formulas. Maximuscle offers a wide range of fitness supplements, ready-to-drink shakes and fitness bars to help you achieve your personal training goals. Products are subdivided into categories aimed at specific target groups to correspond with their respective fitness goals – from muscle maintenance to muscle building.”

Fitness Supplements für Sport und Bodybuilding

  • High-quality raw materials
  • Recipes based on scientific research
  • All our products are tested by Informed-Sport – for high-quality products that comply with ISO standard 17025 and the requirements of the British LGC (Laboratory of Government Chemists)

Maximuscle for maximum training results

All Maximuscle products rely on high-quality raw materials to ensure you get top quality. Scientific tests by independent institutes guarantee safety and ensure that the products do not contain any doping substances. Because we have a clear shared goal: maximum support for those who want to achieve their personal fitness goals.

  • Targeted muscle gain for strength and muscle mass
  • Defining muscle groups for body shaping
  • Support for post-workout muscle recovery
  • Products specially designed for female fitness goals